Diving Into Instagram Ads With bkr

After several years of focusing only on Facebook Advertising, bkr decided to expand into other channels to grow revenue and purchases via paid social media. With a dedicated and engaged Instagram following – and a younger audience – bkr partnered with Wpromote to create and execute their first Instagram Advertising campaigns.

bkr's Business Goals:

  • Increase purchases and revenue from existing pipeline and past customers.
  • Amplify a new, large-scale influencer product launch campaign on Instagram.


With the goal of reaching a new audience while also driving more sales from our existing audience, we built out entirely new campaigns for Instagram leveraging learnings from Facebook. Our full-funnel Instagram strategy targeted prospects, past engagers, and existing customer lists using unique messaging and compelling, colorful creative that we believed would resonate with younger potential customers on Instagram.

Focusing on prospecting, we worked together to build out new audiences and messaging tests (including various value propositions), which included the product's eco-friendly features and the brand's commitment to social responsibility through their new product launch.

Non-converters were retargeted with dynamic ad units and past customers were targeted with promotions and new product launches.

The creative used for Instagram was bold and colorful – a departure from Facebook Advertising imagery. We also quickly learned to keep creative fresh and dynamic; if we didn’t, the CPCs increased and CTRs decreased.

After the launch of a large influencer campaign, we created retargeting audiences based on the ways that users engaged with bkr’s Instagram account.



From Instagram ads in the first month


In revenue YoY



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